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By registering to bid with Rivich Auction Inc. (also referenced to as RA), you are agreeing to and understand all Terms and Conditions as laid out by RA. From this point forward, this is a legal contract between you the prospective buyer and Rivich Auction Inc.

Should you have any questions regarding Rivich Auction’s terms & conditions, please email us at rivichauction@rivichauction.com.

All items are sold with Rivich Auction Inc. as agent for consignors and are subject to the following terms and conditions. By registering to bid in this auction, you agree to be legally bound by these terms of sale:



22% Buyer’s Premium for absentee / phone bids (please see “Absentee Bids” section for more information). 25% Buyer’s Premium for online platforms such as bid.rivichauction.com, Invaluable, Auction Zip & HiBid. 30% Buyer’s Premium for all online bids via LiveAuctioneers.   

ALL ITEMS ARE TO BE PAID FOR THE DAY OF THE SALE.  Successful bidders will receive invoice within 24-hours of the auction’s conclusion. PAYMENT FOR EACH INVOICE IS DUE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT OF INVOICE. Items cannot be removed from Rivich Auction Inc. until invoice is paid in full. You agree that if payment is not made within 48-hours Rivich Auction Inc. may charge your card on file. For all sterling, gold, jewelry, etc. wire transfer is the only acceptable method of payment. Rivich Auction Inc. reserves the right to request a specific form of payment from you the buyer.  If you are enrolled in LiveAuctioneers autopay, your card will be charged immediately following the auction's conclusion. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are all accepted with a 3.5% convenience fee. If payment is made through LiveAuctioneers or any other third-party platform, their payment policy applies.

ALL ITEMS SELL “AS -IS, WHERE IS”. As a courtesy to you the buyer, Rivich Auction Inc. may provide condition reports on items for sale, however, this is not guaranteed. You, the buyer, are responsible for exercising due diligence to ensure you are satisfied with knowing any item(s) condition status.    Photographs of items are strongly suggested to be used when determining the condition of an item. The absence of any reference to the condition of a lot does not imply the lot is in perfect condition or without fault, aging, wear, damage, etc. Rivich Auction Inc. is not responsible for any differences in an item’s appearance compared to their listing photographs. Rivich Auction is not responsible for any errors or omissions and does not make any claims to authenticity or warranty on any items. All weights, measurements, etc. are approximate. Terms such as “IMO” or In the Manner of, “Style of/after”, “Attr. / “Attributed To” can be used to describe an items appearance to like that of a specific period, designer, category, genre etc. This does not imply the item is for certain that period, designer, category, genre, etc. Condition reports must be received by Rivich Auction Inc. at minimum 48-hours prior to the auctions start time. Announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed or online matter.

As part of your agreement with Rivich Auction Inc. you realize that in order to bid, Rivich Auction Inc. might require you to submit extra information to submit a bid. Requirements may include, but are not limited to: (a) Verifying your address by providing us with a government issued ID. (b) Providing a valid credit card to be kept on file for the duration of each auction(s) that you wish to participate in. (c) Submit a deposit to be used as an authorization hold while you bid with Rivich Auction inc. This amount is to be determined based on your lots of interest. (d) All registrations to bid via bid.rivichauction.com are subject to a $100 authorization fee that is returned to your credit card account once you are verified.

All bids must be place in U.S. dollar. Bidders whether absentee, live or online understand and take financial obligation to their bids as they are a binding contract to purchase. Rivich Auction Inc. uses multiple online auction platforms for each auction. RA takes no responsibility for errors or disruptions in the auction platform being used. DISCLAIMER! These bidding platforms are NOT connected, so while you may be the highest bidder on one platform, that does not mean you are going to be the successful bidder. Several bids come in at the same time, our bids are taken at the discretion of our auctioneer and on the basis in which our auction clerks call out the bids. In the event of a tie bid, online error or any other matter regarding a bid, RA has the final determination in who is the winning bidder. RA has the right to reject a bid or bidder at any time.

$0-$500                   $25
$500-$1,000           $50
$1,000-$5,000        $100
$5,000-$50,000     $500
$50,000 and up     $1,000
*additional increments can be used at the discretion of the auctioneer.

Rivich Auction takes no responsibility for the privacy policies of third-party bidding platforms. Each third-party platform has their own specific terms & conditions of sale and fee structure. As the buyer it is your duty to understand each third-party platforms policies, fee structure, etc. RA takes no responsibility for third-party platform errors, bidding malfunctions, inability of use, etc. Under no circumstance is a request to cancel a bid guaranteed as each platform has different requirements for cancelling bids. All bids are a binding contract to the represented item being bid on.

Reserves may be placed on items at auction.  A reserve is defined as the minimum price in which the seller agrees to sell the lot at. Bids can be opened below or at the reserve price. RA prohibits seller from bidding on their own lots.

Rivich Auction Inc. can offer absentee bid options to qualified bidders who do not wish to bid online or cannot bid day of auction. A valid credit card and government issued ID is required to participate in absentee bidding / phone bidding. Absentee / Phone Bids must be submitted to Rivich Auction Inc. in a timely manner. Rivich Auction Inc. is not responsible for missed absentee bids and is NOT responsible for missed phone calls in attempt to phone bid. Rivich Auction will call you, the phone bidder, up to 2 times to reach you. RA take no responsibility for not reaching you to bid. 22% Buyer’s Premium on absentee/phone bids. To arrange absentee bidding or phone bidding, please email rivichauction@rivichauction.com.  

If Rivich Auction does not receive payment in full for a successful buyer’s item invoice within 3 days from the sales end date, they reserve the right to enact one or more of the following measures on non-paying bidders:

  • Charge a $25 per day / per item holding fee on smaller items. Large items, such as furniture / oversized pieces, will be charged a $100 per day / per item holding fee.
  • Cancel the sale
  • Not allow any bids at any upcoming auction of RA’s by the buyer
  • RA may hold you, the non-paying bidder, liable for your outstanding balance and begin legal proceedings. Should legal proceedings begin, recovery of funds will include the total invoice amount, interest, holding fees and all associated legal fees.
  • Take other action as we find necessary or appropriate


If you have not contacted Rivich Auction to arrange payment within 48-hours of the time that invoice is sent, we will charge the credit card you used to register for the auction for the amount of your invoice. If you are enrolled in LiveAuctioneers, Invaluable or any other third-party autopay, your card will be charged immediately following the auction's conclusion. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are all accepted with a 3.5% convenience fee. If payment is made through LiveAuctioneers, their payment policy applies.


All online purchases from Rivich Auction may be subject to sales tax, regardless of the state you reside in while bidding. Purchases from Rivich Auction are subject to Chicago’s 10.25% sales tax rate. Certain states may be exempt from specific tax collection policies. If payment is collected via an online bidding platform, i.e. LiveAuctioneers or Invaluable, their tax collection policy applies. If you are tax-exempt, a copy of your most recent certificate should be emailed to rivichauction@rivichauction.com.


Rivich Auction Inc. offers IN-HOUSE SHIPPING. RA offers various domestic & international shipping methods for items sold at auction (unless otherwise noted). Once a lot is marked sold at auction, Rivich Auction Inc. is no longer responsible in any way for your purchases. RA works with a team of vetted and experienced professional to get your purchases to you in a safe/timely manner. For a shipping quote or assistance with transportation, please email shipping@rivichauction.com or call Michael at (219) 670-1058. Buyers can handle shipping on their own with preferred shipping methods/carriers - we will work with you and your carriers! Most all domestic shipments are mailed via UPS Ground. For all international shipments, the buyer is responsible for ALL taxes, duties, etc. If the lot(s) are not paid for / do not have arranged shipping 7 days post auction, RA will charge a $25 per day / per item holding fee on smaller items. Large items, such as furniture / oversized pieces, will be charged a $100 per day / per item holding fee. Lots must be picked up within 30 days of the auctions end date. After 30 days from the auction sale date, if any item(s) is not paid for or does not have arranged shipping set in place, the item(s) will then be released back to RA. There will be no refunds if the item(s) released back to RA. All sales are final and negligence to arrange shipping does not imply that any sort of refund is warranted, even if the item invoice has been paid. For item invoices not paid for, RA holds the right to charge holding fees and or cancel the sale. Please see our “Non-Payment” section. Any item(s) packaged/shipped/handled by RA are subject to handling fees. If you choose to ship with a third-party service, Rivich Auction will require a written authorization from you, the buyer, to release the property to phone any third party. Rivich Auction takes no responsibility for any acts or omissions of any of the third-party shippers, carriers, etc. This includes a private courier we have recommended or USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.3.5% Convenience Fee for all carrier related payments.

For UPS Pack & Ship, please see the following:

The UPS Store #6522

Contact: George

301 W Grand Ave

Chicago, IL 60654

Phone: (312) 828-0505

Email: rivernorthupsstore@outlook.com

The UPS Store #7136

Contact: George

623 W Lake St

Chicago, IL 60661

Phone: (312) 964-5100

Email: label7136@outlook.com

Domestic & International Crating Service 

Craters & Freighters Chicago 

151 W Crossroads Pkwy

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Email: chicago@craters.net or joe.lukso@cratersandfreighters.com

Phone: (815) 609-7201



Buyers can arrange pickup of items by calling our offices at (773) 683-4219 or by emailing shipping@rivichauction.com. PLEASE NOTE! An appointment is required to pickup items. If you are sending a third-party for pickup, an email to shipping@rivichauction.com is required with the third-parties name and pickup date/time.


RA will not be held liable for any comment said live or online regarding any lot. RA is not responsible for fire, theft or any act of God that might occur to any winning bidder of an item, if the item is held after the day of auction. RA has no liability for items withdrawn from auction or any items that fall under federal law concerning endangered species, environmental laws etc.